Cinque Terre: A Coastal Fairytale

Today was the day that my roomies and I went on with our first international adventure. We all woke up at around 5:30 this morning to be at the train station at 6:45 in order to embark on our journey at 7. We did this through a company called Bus2Alps and we met with our guides, Mike, Eric and Katie. From there our group embarked on our travels. We took a bus to La Spazia and from there took the train to Monarolla, then to Venazza. In Venazza, we got these seafood cones that were filled with fresh shrimp, calamari and lemons. Sitting on the steps of the small stores around Venazza eating my seafood, I couldn’t help but want that moment to last forever. From Venazza we could either take the train to Monterosso or we could hike. I opted to hike the Italian coastline for obvious reasons. It was gorgeous and the colors were amazing. The hike itself was about 6.5 miles and we all had never sweat more in our lives. We were dripping sweat to the point where we all looked like we had gone swimming prior to the hike.

We finally made it to Monterosso and got to jump in the Mediterranean. It was clear, warm and salty. The beach was little pebbles instead of sand, but only millimeters wide. It was also pretty crowded, to walk to the water you had to step on other people’s towels. We all split off and could do our own thing. We all went into the water and got drinks and amazing focaccia bread. Once we boarded the train to come home we were all sandy, salty and gloriously tired. I would definitely go back to Cinque Terre, maybe next time go to the Almafi Coast? We shall see.

Day 5 check.



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